Monday, May 5, 2008 the Social Collaboration (a.k.a. social networking) Platform for the Enterprise (2.0) the Social Collaboration (a.k.a. social networking) Platform for the Enterprise (2.0)
A strange thing happened on our way to developing a social collaboration platform. We kinda serendipitously tripped over the Social Collaboration Layer. I’ve been involved (well, more than involved) in the development of a Social Collaboration Platform called Last week, we released the Beta for UAT. We (Aegeon PL) have been developing it since October 2007 and it’s the third generation of ideas that we’ve had about social collaboration software. The funny thing is that fulfils the requirements of a Social Collaboration Layer from an enterprise architectural perspective.
Here’s what I mean…

The red social collaboration layer is where wikis, blogs, tagging, comments, ratings, reviews and lots of other Web 2.0 social networking tools and any tools that are lightweight and allow the creation of meta data.
We demonstrated today to Timothy Hart, Director – Information, Multimedia and Technology for Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. He said social collaboration “sets information free”. I love that! It is exactly what realizing that there is a social collaboration layer does. It will set Enterprise Architects free to fit Web 2.0 into the enterprise (Enterprise 2.0).
Now things will get really exciting!

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